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There are opportunities for ALL residents to get involved with HAVA & influence the plans & decisions we make about our future & where to spend the money.

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HAVA is a resident led Board with two part-time workers. We have the responsiblity of planning the investment & distribution of the £1 million funding received from the Big Local Partnership.

HAVA represents the Hawksworth Wood, Abbeydales & Vesper areas of Leeds. We look at projects & plans that we think will benefit the community who live & work here.

In early 2020 HAVA completed an evidence based  Community Profile which looks at the HAVA area in more detail. Access it here. This profile has provided the evidence to develop and plan the next stage of HAVA funding, targeting specific areas where our community need additional support.

The funding for HAVA continues until March 2026 or until the £1 million is spent.


The HAVA Board have spent Summer 2020 analyising the outcomes from the evidence based community profile. Identifying priorities & consulting with the local community about the evidence found and how it informs future activity,


It is important to say, due to Covid-19 and the restrictions it has placed on all of us, our ability to progress this process further with the wider community was extremely limited. However, a robust consultation was implemented including online, postal and telephone feedback as well as Zoom community meetings.

In 2020 HAVA Board submitted the final version of it's plan to Big Local This plan sets out the priorities, actions and activities for HAVA through to March 2026.