Board Member Role & Responsibilties

Board Member Duties (Job Description)

HAVA represents the Hawksworth Wood, Abbeydale’s & Vesper areas of Leeds. We are a resident led Board with the responsibility of planning the investment & distribution of the £1 million funding received from the Big Local Partnership. We look for projects & plans that we think will benefit the community who live & work here.
A formal board member "job description" is below. For more specifics or any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Organisation Summary
HAVA (Hawksworth Wood, Abbeydale’s & Vespers Area), were 1 of 150 of the most deprived communities in England, who each received £1million from the Big Local Lottery Fund to develop a Big Local Partnership to promote resident led positive change in their communities.

In the HAVA area the Big Local Partnership is led by a Board of residents with support from voluntary organisations, public services, and Leeds City Council.

Basic Information

Job Title: Board Member
Area: HAVA- Hawksworth, Abbeydale’s and Vesper Area.
Salary: Unpaid
Type: Part-time - volunteer

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
HAVA Board Members are responsible for over-seeing and agreeing the activities of the HAVA Team. With the support of the HAVA team, the Board set themes and objectives which guide staff implementation of goals, provides financial oversight, and approves and monitors the annual budget.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:
There are no formal qualifications or experience required to apply to be a Board Member. Other than you must be at least 18 years old and reside in the HAVA area.

Time Commitment:
Attend a minimum of 8 Board meetings annually (3 unexcused absences shall be grounds for dismissal) and any scheduled committee meetings.   Board meetings are the second Tuesday of each month. In person or during Covid-19 social distancing measure they have been held online.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:
Each board member has the following responsibilities:

Policy Administration:
Support the development of HAVA policies, advise on the annual plan, recommend program activities, and support the delivery of activities where possible. Approve annual budget and actively participate in financial reporting and oversight.

Public and Community Relations:
Represent and promote the purposes and activities of HAVA in a positive way to the community. Participate in planning and staffing community-wide events. Promote, whenever possible, the goals of the HAVA.
Leadership Development:
Participate in one's own leadership development, and recruitment, orientation, and development of new Board Members. Encourage the development of key volunteers to take on future leadership roles in HAVA and the community.

Understanding Issues:  
Develop a basic understanding of issues that come before the board. Board members should possess or develop the ability to be effective advocates for residents’ participation within their community.

Additional Information:

Interested applicants should contact our office to register their interest.

It should be noted any potential Board Member will be up for re-election by the community at the Annual General Meeting in April 2021 (subject to Covid-19 restrictions).  Voting at the annual meeting is open to all residents 18 years of age and older.  

To ask any questions about the role of a HAVA Board Member from existing Board Members and the HAVA team please join us at one of our two HAVA Zoom meetings for new Board Members. To register your interest please email

The form to complete is here

Or contact us directly here if you want the form in a different version or just to speak to someone instead.