Our Themes

In early 2020 HAVA Board completed a Community Profile based on the most up-to-date data available to them.


Using evidence collated in the Community Profile the Board have identified areas where HAVA can make a positive impact in it's community. Initally six themese were identified through the evidence collected.   We noticed the six themes naturally fit in to four key areas:


Health & Wellbeing

Education & Employment


Community Building

These themes and the evidence for them was submitted to Big Local in September 2020 for approval. This was given at the end of September and we began our new plan on the 1st October 2020.

You can read the final plan here: Big Local HAVA Communty Plan 2020-2024

Health & Wellbeing: Developing new & supporting existing activities to positively impact the physical and mental wellbeing of the HAVA Community; using a mixture of short-term events to launch long term groups. Read the full list of actions.

Education & Employment: Developing new & supporting existing activities to positively promote the financial benefits of higher qualifications and employment opportunities for the HAVA Community; using opportunities for further education and employability skills to reduce the levels of financial deprivation faced by our community. Working with our young people to support continued engagement with learning during Key Stage 3 and beyond. Read the full list of actions.

Crime: Developing new & supporting existing activities to reduce the levels of crime in the HAVA Community. Using current Police data to identify need and to work specifically to reduce incidents of violence and sexual offence which covers domestic violence and sexual assault. Whilst also looking for opportunities to reduce crime across all offences. Read the full list of actions.

Community Building: Through the development of a new independent CIO establish the need for, and building, a community centre in the heart of the HAVA area. Presenting a business plan, feasibility study and consultation with the HAVA community. Read the full list of actions.

The Community Profile and each of the original 6 themes are available to view using the links below:

Community Profile

Health & Wellbeing: Obesity levels in children by year 6.

Health & Wellbeing: Obesity and activity levels in adults particularly with underlying health conditions.

Poverty Adults & Children: Particularly Food / Energy / Unemployed households.

Crime: Particularly Violence and Sexual Offences.

Employment: Particularly low paid work.

Education: Particularly key stage 3.